Pharma Universal follows a strict anti-spam policy in which we never tolerate unsolicited advertising messages. Usually, customers complain to receive spam emails, or promotional emails after placing their order. We make sure that appropriate actions are taken against the spammers that will result in their account closure or loss of services.

If you are getting such promotional messages or offers in your email, instant messenger, chat rooms, message board, newsgroups or anywhere else then you can fill in the following field to raise a complaint. We are committed to dealing with such spamming. Pharma Universal maintains and holds data related to spam offenders and we share them with anti-spamming organizations and agencies to take action against them.

Report Spam / Unsubscribe

In case, you are receiving any kind of unsolicited advertising emails or messages that you believe have been sent either by a user of Pharma Universal or after using our services then you must inform us regarding the same. You can provide us with your email address in the below-mentioned field so that we can take action again them and start the investigation as soon as possible. We will also help you in unsubscribing from such unwanted spam emails or messages.

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