Is it safe to buy medicine online?

The experts of the industry are committed to their duty, serving the people with the best. All our medicines are tried and tested and do not fall short in quality. You can order them from Pharma Universal without a single thought of doubt. We offer a variety of medication that meets the quality standards at the time of production.

Why PayPal payment method is preferred over other payment mode?

We continuously put in efforts to provide convenience to our customers, improvising on the quality of our services. You can avail these high-quality medications from Pharma Universal only when you have a prescription with you. You are not allowed to directly purchase the medicine from the online store, hospital, or visiting the pharmacy. Once you have prescription with you received from the doctor, we help you in the process of payment, keeping safety protocols in mind.

It is the customers that make the business accepted across the places, be it offering medications or any other business. We constantly try to bring something new in the process to retain the trust of customers and provide them with improved experience.

Customer satisfaction is our topmost priority and to achieve that, we go our way out. It is our responsibility to understand the requirement of customers and give them hassle-free online transactions. Among all the payment modes, PayPal method is perfect from the perspective of convenience and safety. It is a platform that does not ask for the submission of sale details. You can link a card to your account, making it the preferred payment option. If you choose to go with other modes of payment such as bank transfer or any other method, it requires the submission of sale details that PayPal method completely denies. Your recurring payment, billing agreements, or subscriptions will not get affected as a result of making transactions for any order.

How can I receive my tracking number and what will be delivery time?

Once you pay for your order, they will be processed followed by updating you through email or SMS. You will be shared the tracking number to know the status of your order within 24-28 hours. You can expect the delivery within 4-5 business working days. Our sales executives are available to help you if you wish to know the current status of your product until delivery is done.

Do all your pills are approved and safe?

Pharma Universal provides its esteemed customers safe and effective medications. They are safe to use as they are carefully tested during multiple clinical trials. They are approved and ready for use only when a successful check-up is performed by the drugs administration department.

How can I purchase a medication?

You can book your order from the reliable online pharmacy and choose the medicines as per the requirement. You can also order your medicines via email on the website. You will receive the confirmation email upon the placement of the order followed by receiving the same confirmation on your email id. As we receive the payment for your orders, your orders go under processing and you are sent the tracking number with 48 hours. Our executive team stays in touch with you until the order reaches your address.

Can I use tramadol along with other drugs?

Not all medications work appropriately with tramadol but you can ask your doctor about taking tramadol with other medications if it works. The medicine has varying results on every individual so, we suggest you resort to the healthcare professional if using tramadol with other medication is okay.

What is the correct dosage for insomnia?

Depending on your medical condition, you are suggested the dose to fight insomnia. You first need to visit the doctor for check-ups and to know the amount of dose required that your body can endure. You can start off with small dose followed by increasing or decreasing it as per the recommendation of the doctor.

When can I receive my medication?

You can expect the delivery within 5-7 days. Usually, the products are delivered within 3-4 days. Our delivery process is faster and never keeps you on wait. We also provide a facility for special delivery arrangements in case you need medicines in urgency.

How can I track my order?

We will provide you with order ID or reference after placing your order and you can track your order using them. You can monitor all your online orders with tracking number, know about the shipment, and communicate with our team about the order status.

Why is cost very less?

We aim to give maximum to the patients at affordable prices and ensure the quality does not get affected by the prices. Patients can make the most of our health facilities without feeling worried about their health. We provide top-notch medicines that are comparatively effective, better, and safe, contributing to facilitating overall well-being.

What services does Pharma Universal offer?

Not just you, we also take care of your loved ones with our improved products and services. Our efforts are not constant but innovative over time to help people get the comfort of peaceful and healthy life. With our wide range of prescription medicines, you can feel liberated on the health front and reap as many benefits as you want provided doctor guidelines must be followed strictly.

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