Identity Fake Medicines

Today everything is easily available on the internet today. If you are willing to order medicines online then make sure you are aware of the fake medicines and know how to identify them. It is important to be informed and vigilant while purchasing medicines. There are a lot of companies that are selling counterfeit medicines to the customers. Let’s understand some tips that will help you to identify original medicine among fake medicine.

What are the Signs of Fake Medicines?

Packaging and Labeling – You need to check for irregularities in packaging and must notice spelling mistakes that might be visible. Check whether the colors are faded or not and whether any holograms are missing or not. You can also check for proper labeling with accurate information about the manufacturer, dosage, and expiration date.

Price Discrepancies – You need to be cautious if you find the prices to be low enough. Counterfeit medications are often sold at much lower prices as compared to the genuine ones.

Online Scam– You need to be careful while purchasing medicines online as you need to stick to the reputed pharmacies by checking their customer reviews posted on the website.

Unusual Side Effects – When you make a purchase through a fake online pharmacy then you might have to experience unexpected severe side effects. It is so because medicine doesn’t contain active ingredients in it and you need to immediately contact your nearby hospital or doctor.

Authorized Retailers – You should buy medicines only from a licensed and authorized pharmacy. Avoid purchasing from unregulated online platforms.

Check Regulatory Approvals – You can verify whether the medicine has been approved or not by the relevant health authorities. Counterfeit medicines often lack approvals.

It is important to create awareness of medicines among customers. It is important to detect fake medicines and avoid consumption. Customers must be aware of visually inspecting the medicine for expiry date and other identification signs. It is important to understand the quality of good and fake medicines. You should buy medicines from a reliable pharmacy store.

How to Order Genuine Medicines?

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