diazepam anxiety meds

What is Valium?

Valium (diazepam) is a benzodiazepine. It is felt that diazepam works by upgrading the movement of specific neurotransmitters in the brain. Valium is utilized to treat uneasiness problems, or liquor withdrawal manifestations. Valium is some of the time utilized with different medications to treat muscle spasms and firmness, or seizures.


You ought not utilize Valium on the off chance that you are hypersensitive to diazepam or comparative drugs (Ativan, Klonopin, Xanax, and others), or then again assuming you have myasthenia gravis, extreme liver infection, tight point glaucoma, a serious breathing issue, or rest apnea.

Diazepam can slow or stop your breathing, particularly assuming you have as of late utilized a narcotic medication or liquor. Keep the medicine away from others or kids.

Try not to quit utilizing this medication without asking your doctor. You might have hazardous withdrawal indications assuming you quit utilizing the medication out of nowhere after long haul use. A few withdrawal side effects might endure as long as a year or longer.

Move clinical assistance immediately in the event that you quit utilizing Valium and have manifestations, for example, uncommon muscle developments, being more dynamic or garrulous, abrupt and serious changes in temperament or conduct, disarray, visualizations, seizures, or contemplations about self destruction.

Things to know before you take this.

Certain individuals have considerations about self destruction while taking Valium. Remain caution to changes in your temperament or side effects. Your family or guardians ought to likewise look for unexpected changes in your behaviour due to medication.

May hurt an unborn child. Try not to utilize assuming you are pregnant or may become pregnant. On the off chance that you use Valium during pregnancy, your child could be brought into the world with hazardous withdrawal manifestations, and may require clinical treatment for quite a long time.

Try not to begin or stop seizure medication during pregnancy without your doctor’s recommendation. Diazepam might hurt an unborn child, yet having a seizure during pregnancy could hurt both mother and child. Forestalling seizures might offset these dangers.

Tell your doctor immediately assuming that you become pregnant. There might be other seizure medications that are more secure to use during pregnancy. You ought not breastfeed.

How could I take Valium?

Take Valium precisely as recommended by your doctor. Follow the bearings on your prescription name and read all medication guides or guidance sheets. Never use Valium in bigger sums, or for longer than endorsed. Let your doctor know if you feel an expanded inclination to utilize a greater amount of this medication.

Never share this medication with another person, especially someone with a foundation set apart by persistent medication use. Keep the medication where others can’t get to it. Selling or offering this medication is illegal.

Measure fluid medication with the provided estimating gadget (not a kitchen spoon).

Valium ought to be utilized for just a brief time frame. Try not to take this medication for longer than 4 months without your doctor’s recommendation.

Try not to quit utilizing Valium without asking your doctor. You might have expanded seizures or dangerous withdrawal indications on the off chance that you quit utilizing the medication abruptly after long haul use.

What would it be advisable for me to keep away from while taking Valium?

Try not to drink liquor. Perilous incidental effects or passing could happen. Grapefruit might communicate with diazepam and lead to undesirable incidental effects. Stay away from items made of grape fruits. Abstain from driving or dangerous action until you realize what this medication will mean for you.